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Marine repair

We carry out complex repair of any ships

Highly qualified personnel of «Cyclone» carry out operational trips to the vessel in case of breakdown of electrical equipment, fire alarms, ship Searchlights and other malfunctions to perform ship repair work of any complexity:

  • - Design and estimate work for the modernization of ship electrical equipment, automation, electric drives, switchboards, main switchboards. Coordination with RRR and RMRS and issuance of documents;
  • - Manufacturing of switchboards, main switchboards with PPR certificate;
  • - Checking automatic protection devices with issuing defect detection reports;
  • - Repair and inspection of stations and fire alarms (sensors) of any type with the issuance of an act;
  • - Electrical work: laying and replacement of cable routes, fault detection with a «Dipsel» device with the issuance of certificates, installation of magnetic starters, lamps, Searchlights, etc.;
  • - Repair of electric motors, generators, starters (including direct current);
  • - Repair of automatic generator sets (replacement with analog ones with issuing documents);
  • - Installation, repair, configuration of alarms of all types.
Our certifications

A large amount of spare parts for ship repair is in stock at the warehouse of «Cyclone« on an ongoing basis, which allows us to efficiently and efficiently carry out re-equipment, modernization, maintenance and repair of ship electrical and automation equipment in a short time.

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