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Заказать и купить изделие «Индивидуальный комплект для выживания ИКВ-1 от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Individual survival kit IKV-1
  • Individual survival kit IKV-1

Individual survival kit IKV-1

The individual survival kit IKV "Cyclone-1" meets the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Polar Code. 

The "Cyclone-1" complex includes:
Headwear : Very warm fabric and fur covering head, ears and neck. 
Mittens : Waterproof membrane and outer material with water-repellent impregnation. 
Gloves : They keep warm well in cold weather. 
Mask to protect the neck and face : Very soft fleece balaclava that will keep the ears, neck and chin away from the cold.
Socks : Warm and very durable
Boots : Designed for use in the cold season, even at extremely low temperatures. Temperature range of use up to -60C. 
Thermal protective agent TZS : Application temperature from minus 50 ° С to + 20 ° С - 1 month. 
Hand warmer : Warms hands and feet for 5-6 hours. Activated on contact with air. In a pack 10 pcs. 
Sunglasses : Lenses and frames are made of high-strength polycarbonate plastic. Special shape: protects eyes from wind, splashes, bad weather. 
Long burning candle : Burning up to 10 hours
Mug : Convenient and compact
Matches : 2 boxes
Whistle : The whistle has positive buoyancy. Includes a lanyard for fixing. 
Penknife : A versatile, compact tool
Thermal underwear : Brushed fabric for protection from the cold. Elastic material for comfort and freedom of movement. 
Immersion suit: (Not required if an immersion suit is provided for each person on board in accordance with, Part II "Life-Saving Appliances" of the Rules for the Equipment of Sea-Going Ships)
Carrying bag
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