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Заказать и купить изделие «Термометр ТКП160 0-120 гр. 1,6м.» от производителя в Спб, Москве.Фонарь шлюпочный аварийный

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  • Emergency boat lantern
  • Emergency boat lantern
  • Emergency boat lantern
  • Emergency boat lantern

Emergency boat lantern

The emergency lifeboat lantern meets the requirements of the Rules of the international convention SOLAS-74 as amended, LSA Code, Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Rules of the Russian River Register. 
Retains its properties under the influence of the external environment during the service life and is resistant to:
- to decay, corrosion and the effects of sea water, oil or fungi; 
- to the effects of vibration, stormy weather conditions; 
- to the sun's rays. 
Does not support combustion. 
Overall dimensions of the product no more than 250 x 35 mm
Weight of the product no more than 400 grams. 
Retains its performance when dropped from a height of 18 m into the water as part of a raft. 
The lantern is waterproof. 
The light intensity of the lantern is not less than 50 cd. 
The product meets the requirements of ergonomics - it enables one person to work with it in a rescue suit. 
The service life of the product according to GOST 27.002-89 and GOST 25866-83 is 11 years. The service life of the product is ensured by timely replacement of batteries with the required shelf life. The battery expiration date should be monitored by the marking on their case. 
The delivery set includes:
- lamp with two LR20 batteries; 
- a light bulb. 
- two batteries LR20; 
- a light bulb.
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