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  • Compass KSHMN-90 with binnacle and scale illumination
  • Compass KSHMN-90 with binnacle and scale illumination

Compass KSHMN-90 with binnacle and scale illumination

1. General information about the product:

Name of the product: Magnetic boat compass. 

Product designation: KSHMN - 90.

Certificate of recognition of the Manufacturer of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping No. 13.00734.317 from 01/30/2013
Type Approval Certificate No. 13.00258.381 from 08.10.2013
Purpose: Serves to indicate the magnetic course of the boat
2. Technical characteristics
- Scale division value 5
- Error in determining the direction of the magnetic meridian 2.5˚
- Roll angle at which the compass remains operational 45˚
- Operating temperature range from & ndash; 20˚С to + 55˚С
-Weight of the product without power supply unit and charger, no more than 0.8kg
- Weight of the product with power supply unit and charger, no more than 1.8kg
-Dimensions in the case , no more than 190x190x190mm
- IP56 protection degree
3. Completeness
- Binnacle 1pc.
- Pot S-87 WM, assembled 1pc.
- Power supply unit Ventura GP 12-1,2-S 1pc.
- Charger AZU 12 / 14.4 1pc.
- Compass passport 1pc.
- Case 1pc.

4. Compass device
Compass KShMN-90 consists of a binnacle with an S-87-WM pot and a lighting device. The pot is a sealed sphere filled with a special liquid, a scale and a heading indicator floating in it; a rubber membrane is provided to compensate for the change in the volume of the compass fluid in the event of temperature changes. 
For work in the dark, the compass is equipped with a lighting device consisting of a remote power source (battery 12V / 1.2Ah) and LEDs.
The compass has built-in compensators to eliminate deviation.

five. Installing the compass
The compass is installed in a place free from magnetic masses and convenient for taking a reading by the helmsman. The binnacle has four 7mm holes for attaching the compass to the installation site. The compass is installed so that the heading index is located in the center plane and faces the bow of the boat. 'Reverse' the scale reading is due to the fact that the compass cap is a magnifying prism, which gives the scale reading in the inverted image (from right to left). The scale will be enlarged by 1.5 times when reading the reading using the index located on the opposite side from the steering side relative to the scale.
The compass can be fastened to the boat seat by lacing it through the holes in the binnacle. Connect the power supply connector to the binnacle connector and check that the compass scale backlight is on. To save the power supply charge, the connector should be disconnected during daylight hours. The power supply fits in a protective bag and can be suspended from the boat's inner railing.

6. Operating instructions
Protect the compass from strong shocks and direct sunlight. Charge the power supply in accordance with the requirements specified in the passport for the charger. 

7. Storage
Storage in warehouse conditions. The KShMN-90 compass is allowed to be stored indoors, without artificial regulation of climatic conditions. The air temperature can vary from + 50 ° С to -50 ° С (storage conditions according to the group ZhZ GOST 15150-69)

8. Information on recycling
Utilization should be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Russian Federation No. 89-FZ of 24.06.98 (as amended on 21.11.2011) "On production and consumption waste" and / or other relevant legal acts applicable at the place of disposal including regional documents.

9. Marking
Compass KSHMN-90 on the front face of the binnacle has a 35x55mm nameplate on which the following information is located:
- information about the manufacturer.
- name of the compass type & ndash; "KSHMN-90".
- serial number.
- year of manufacture
- mark of circulation on the market in accordance with paragraph 2 of article 27 of the Federal Law of December 27, 2002. No. 184-FZ 'On Technical Regulation'

10. Warranty obligations
The warranty period for the KSHMN-90 compass is set for 12 months from the date of delivery to the ship, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment to the customer, subject to the storage and operation conditions specified in this passport. 

11. Acceptance certificate
The product meets the requirements of the Rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Technical Regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities (approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated August 12, 2010 No. 620).

Compass KSHMN-90 serial number 490 / 332 recognized as fit for operation.

Certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping No. 16.07657.381 dated "21" April 2016
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