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  • Oil sorbent Novosorb
  • Oil sorbent Novosorb

Oil sorbent Novosorb

TU 6418-001-57901390-02 belongs to the category of mineral-based sorbents. 
Produced by LLC "GAZTURBO" on industrial installations of the gushing layer. 
Retains hydrophobic properties during prolonged (more than 2 years) contact with water
Effectively cleans the aqueous phase from emulsified oil products
No hydraulic resistance during operation
No secondary pollution of the treated water
It is used for localization of oil and oil product spills
Due to this set of properties, the sorbent novosorb is successfully used as a sorption material for cleaning oil-contaminated surfaces and waste water. This sorbent, used in sorption filters, ensures discharge rates into sewage basins and fishery reservoirs.
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