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Заказать и купить изделие «Пластырь деревянный с мягкими бортами 400х600мм» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Wooden plaster with soft sides 400x600mm

Wooden plaster with soft sides 400x600mm

Purpose: For sealing small and medium-sized holes in flat or slightly curved cladding areas
2. Technical data
Size, m: 0.25 + -0.03 x 0.25 + -0.03 x 0.05
Inner and outer layer material: pine board GOST8486-86
Board material: semi-linen canvas art.11255 with waterproof impregnation
Filling: impregnated bobbin
Weight, no more, kg: 2.0
3. Transportation
Transportation of wooden plaster is allowed by all means of transport.
4. Storage
Storage in warehouse conditions
Wooden plaster with soft sides can be stored indoors, without artificial regulation of climatic conditions. The air temperature can range from + 50 ° C to -50 ° C. (storage conditions according to group Ж3 GOST 15150-69).
5. Operation
The use of a wooden plaster with soft sides means its being in the emergency supply.
The wooden plaster should be on the ship in the emergency post located above the bulkhead deck. An emergency post can be special rooms, boxes or designated places on the deck or in the rooms.
Before sealing the hole, it is necessary to clear the damaged area of ​​the ship's hull from insulation and plating, pipelines, cables and other equipment that interfere with the installation of the plaster and sealing the hole. If the situation permits and there are burrs on the hole, it is advisable to straighten them with a sledgehammer, jack, sliding stop or chop off with a blacksmith's chisel. The plaster installed on the hole is pressed against the board with wooden stops with wedges, sliding metal stops, a universal clamp, and a wooden plaster with a hole in the center can be pressed by bolts with a hinged head.
When installing a wooden plaster, at least three people are required. One of them takes the plaster and holds it at the edge of the hole, two of them press the plaster with a wooden stop and wedge it with wedges. The patch is applied to the hole from the side so that the main force from the pressure of water is transmitted to the stop. The final reinforcement of the patch is done with wooden wedges. The wedges are driven in in pairs with synchronous blows with a sledgehammer. To ensure the strength of the structure, the split beam is fixed with nails or construction staples.

To maintain the plaster in working condition, it is recommended to check its condition every three months and, if necessary, ventilate and dry it.
6. Warranty obligations
The warranty period for a wooden plaster with soft sides is set for 12 months from the date of its delivery to the vessel, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment to the customer, subject to the storage and operation conditions specified in this passport. 
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