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  • Radar reflector

Radar reflector

1. General information about the product. 
Product name: Angular radar reflector. 
Purpose: It is used as a reflector of radar signals on sea-going ships of less than 100 gross tonnage, high-speed ships of less than 150 gross tonnage, lifeboats and liferafts. 
2. Basic technical data. 
Radar corner reflector has a nominal level and effective scattering area, sq. m. m
at a wavelength of 3 cm (9 GHz) _____________________________________ 14.19
at a wavelength of 10 cm (3 GHz) ____________________________________ 1.28
Sector of reflection 360 degrees. 
Weight of the radar reflector assembly, no more than 1kg. 
Recommended installation height over, 4 m.
The radar reflector complies with the applicable requirements of Part V of the Marine Equipment Regulations. ed. 2016, the recommendations of IMO Resolutions MSC.164 (78), MSC.48 (66), MSC.97 (73), MSC.694 (17) and the Technical Regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities (OKP codes 64 1780, 64 8700 ). 
3. Contents of delivery. 
The delivery set of the radar reflector must correspond to Table 1.
Table 1.
Name of components Document designation Quantity, pcs.
Base of VLS.7407P-0001 1.
VLS insert .7407P-0002 1.
Rib VLS.7407P-0003 2.
Cap VLS.7407P-0004 6.
Operational documentation. Film Passport. 
4. Packaging. 
The disassembled radar reflector is packed in plastic wrap. 
5. Storage. 
Storage in warehouse conditions. 
The radar reflector should be stored indoors without artificial regulation of climatic conditions. The air temperature can range from + 40 ° C to - 40 ° C (storage conditions according to group C of GOST 15150-69).
6. Exploitation. 
Under the operation of a radar reflector is meant being in the emergency supply. 
The radar reflector must be stored unassembled in a lifeboat or liferaft.
7. Preparation of the product for work. 
The assembly sequence of the radar reflector is shown in Fig. 1 and consists of the following:
The base and the insert are joined along the slots, then the ribs are joined. 
Each corner of the reflector is fixed with a cap, in the following sequence: one upper, four horizontal, one lower.
The radar reflector on the base has four holes Ø 6 mm to be able to attach it assembled to the rigging elements.
Preferred orientation is indicated by the inscription "UP" printed on the reflector. 
Recommended installation height not less than 4 meters.
8. Warranty obligations. 
The warranty period for the radar reflector is 12 months from the date of delivery to the ship, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment to the customer.
9. Information about utilization. 
Disposal of the product must be carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Russian Federation No. 89-FZ of 24.06.98 (as amended on 21.11.2011) "On production and consumption waste" and / or other relevant legislative acts applied at the place of disposal including regional documents.
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