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  • Equipment for plasters (on request)

Equipment for plasters (on request)

Purpose: Used on ships as rescue equipment

2. Main technical data and complete set

Item No. Name Quantity, pcs. Additional information Length, m
(according to the formula)
1. Sheets 2 Breaking strength not less than 2030kgf ____ 15.6 ___
L = 1.6 (N + 0.5V)
2. Heel ends 2 Steel rope Ø13.5-15 mm GOST 7668-80. Breaking strength not less than 10600kgs ____ 31.2 ____
L = 1.6 (2H + B)

3. Guys 2 Breaking strength at least 2030kgf ____ 31.2 ___
L = 1.6 (2N + B)
4. Inspection stamp with marking 1 Polyamide rope Ø8 mm ____ 15.6 ____
L = 1.6 (H + 0.5V)
5. Connecting shackles 9 Breaking strength not less than 2000 kgf where:
H - depth from the keel to the upper edge of the bulwark;
В - maximum width of the vessel
6. Connecting bracket for pin 1 Breaking force not less than 200kgf
7. Hoist 2 Permissible suspension load 9.8 kN
8. Kanifas blocks 2 Permissible suspension load 9.8 kN
9. Stiffeners 6 Length - no more than 3 meters

3. Packaging
The plaster equipment is delivered without packaging, except for hoists packed in the original packaging.
4. Transportation
Transportation of soft lightweight plaster equipment is allowed by all means of transport.
5. Storage
Storage in warehouse conditions
The plaster equipment can be stored indoors, without artificial regulation of climatic conditions. The air temperature can range from + 50 ° C to -50 ° C (storage conditions according to the ZhZ group of GOST 15150-69). 
Contact of moisture directly on the elements of the equipment during the storage period is not allowed.
6. Operation
Operation is understood to be the equipment of the plaster as part of the emergency equipment.
The equipment of the soft, lightweight plaster must be on the ship in the emergency post, located above the bulkhead deck. An emergency post may be special rooms, boxes or designated areas on deck or in rooms.
7. Warranty obligations
The warranty period for the equipment of the soft lightweight plaster is 12 months from the date of its delivery to the vessel, but not more than 18 months from the date of shipment to the customer, subject to the storage and operation conditions specified in this passport. 
8. Certificate of acceptance
A set of equipment for soft lightweight plaster meets the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and is recognized as fit for use.
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