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Заказать и купить изделие «Струбцина аварийная, ТипII (шпация до 900мм под полособульб.шп-ут)» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Emergency clamp, Type II (spacing up to 900mm for flat-striped shp-ut)

Emergency clamp, Type II (spacing up to 900mm for flat-striped shp-ut)

1.General information about the product

Product name: Emergency clamp

Purpose: The emergency clamp is designed for fastening wooden plasters with soft sides and wooden shields installed on holes in ship hulls and ships.

2. The main technical data and device of the emergency clamp.

The main technical data of the emergency clamp are given in the table.
Type (designation)
clamp. For frame
with a flat-bulb profile, spacing up to .., mm. Clamp length, mm. Weight of the clamp, no more, kg.
ST600P 600 710 15.0
ST900P 900 1010 18.5

The device of a clamp for a frame with a flat-bulb profile is shown in the figure.

< br> 1 - guides; 2 - handle; 3 - grips; 4 & ndash; clamping screw;
5 & ndash; thrust bearing; 6 & ndash; screw; 7 & ndash; movable retainer; 8 & ndash; nut; 9 - slider.

Climatic version of the clamp OM, category I in accordance with GOST 15150-69.
3. Rules for the transportation and storage of the clamp
Transportation of the clamp according to the group Ж2 GOST 15150-69 is allowed by any type of transport. Clamp storage according to the group of storage conditions for coolant GOST 15150-69.

4. Clamp operation rules
Emergency clamps must be kept in good condition and in immediate readiness for action. When checking the readiness of the clamp for use, you should pay attention to the completeness, the absence of nicks in the thread and free movement of the nut along the entire thread, the ease of movement of the grippers and the slide nut along the guide channels; no sticking in the ball joint. Swivel and threaded connections must be lubricated.
The operation of installing the clamp is carried out as follows:
& bull; Set the clamps 3 at a distance equal to the spacing and fix with screws 6.
*; Place the grips on the frames, press the movable clamps 7 with nuts 8.
& bull; Apply the plaster to the hole and press with the screw 4 to the skin.

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Вы можете заказать и купить продукцию с наименованием «Струбцина аварийная, ТипII (шпация до 900мм под полособульб.шп-ут)» на нашем сайте в розницу и оптом по ценам от производителя. Сделайте заказ, а мы осуществим его доставку в города: Москва, Санкт-Петербург (СПб), Астрахань, Владивосток, Волгоград, Иркутск, Казань, Калининград, Красноярск, Магадан, Мурманск, Нижний Новгород, Новороссийск, Петропавловск-Камчатский, Ростов-на-Дону, Севастополь, Тюмень, Хабаровск, Чита, Якутск и по всей России.