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Заказать и купить изделие «Упор раздвижной металлический 1000/1500 мм» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Sliding metal stop 1000/1500 mm

Sliding metal stop 1000/1500 mm

1.General information about the product

Name of the product: Sliding metal stop

Purpose: intended for fastening plasters and shields installed on holes in the hulls of ships and vessels, as well as for fastening bulkheads, watertight and other closures.

2. Basic technical data and the device of the metal sliding stop

& bull; The main technical data of the stop are given in the table.
Type (reference designation)
stop Length
The smallest, mm The longest length, mm The permissible length deviation is +/- mm. Permissible load at
smallest / largest length, kN (tf) Thrust weight,
no more than kg
1 (2.5) 1460 2500 70 30 (3.0) / 15 (1.5) 11 , 5
2 (1.5) 960 1500 50 30 (3.0) / 15 (1.5) 8.4
3 (1.7) 1010 1700 50 30 (3.0) / 15 (1.5) 9.0
4 (0.6) 400 600 30 30 (3.0) / 15 (1.5) 5.0

* The stop device is shown in the figure.

1 - thrust bearing; 2 - nut; 3 - handle; 4 - pin; 5 - outer pipe; 
6 - inner pipe; 7 - hinge; 8 - thrust bearing. 
Climatic version of OM stop, category I in accordance with GOST 15150-69
3. Rules for transportation and storage of the stop
Transportation of the stop according to the Zh2 group GOST 15150-69 is allowed by any type of transport. Storing the stop according to the group of storage conditions for coolant GOST 15150-69.
4. How to use the stop
Metal sliding stops must be kept in good condition and ready for action immediately. When checking the readiness of the stop for use, you should pay attention to the completeness of the stop, the absence of nicks in the thread and free movement of the nut along the entire thread, the ease of movement of the inner pipe in the outer one; no sticking in the ball joint. It is recommended to keep the support folded. The nut should be in the down position. Hinged and threaded connections must be lubricated.
The operation of installing the stop is carried out as follows:
● remove the pin 4 from the pipe; 
● the thrust bearing 1 of the outer pipe 5 rests against some solid structure (ship hull, mechanism foundation); 
● the inner tube 6 is pushed out of the outer tube in such a way that its thrust bearing 8 comes to the plaster; 
● then a pin 4 is inserted into the nearest cut of the inner pipe and, rotating nut 2 with the help of handles 3, press the plaster against the hole. As the nut rotates, the inner tube extends, pressing the foot pads against the structure to be supported and the adhesive.

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