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Luminous buoy "BSSK - Cyclone"

1. Appointment. 
1.1. Luminous buoy of lifebuoy "BSK-Cyclone" (TU 7448-035-59528825-12) hereinafter referred to as "Buoy" is intended for completing river and sea lifebuoys.
2. Technical requirements. 
2.1. The buoy meets the requirements of the International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code) of the International SOLAS Convention 74/96 Resolution MSC 81 (70) and the Technical Regulations on the Safety of Maritime Transport and IWT Facilities. 
2.2. Buoy overall dimensions 104 × 105 mm
2.3. Weight 180 ± 5 gr. 
2.4. The buoy is efficient in the temperature range from -30 ° С to + 65 ° С
2.5. The fire is white and provides a luminous intensity of at least 2.0 Kd in all directions of the upper hemisphere for at least 2 hours. 3. Transportation and storage. & Nbsp;
3.1. The buoy can be transported in a shipping container at any distance, by any type of land transport and in the holds of ships in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for these types of transport. 
3.2. Buoy transportation by air is allowed by helicopters and in pressurized aircraft compartments, and must be carried out in accordance with the rules of air transportation.
3.3. Climatic conditions of transportation - air temperature from -30 ° С to + 65 ° С.
4. Design. 
4.1. The buoy consists of a polypropylene housing with 4 alkaline batteries inside. 
4.2. In the upper part of the body there is an LED - a light source. 
4.3. The buoy is switched on by turning the upper part of the hull in the direction of the arrow. The buoy is then flipped over and attached to the handrail next to the circle. 
4.4. The buoy turns on automatically when it hits the water.
5. Manufacturer's warranty. 
5.1. The manufacturer guarantees that BSSK-Cyclone meets the requirements of TU 7448-035-59528825, provided that the consumer observes the operating and storage conditions. 
5.2. Shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture.
6. Certificate of acceptance. 
6.1. Buoy "BSSK-Cyclone" meets the requirements of technical conditions and is recognized as fit for operation. The product is marked with a market approval mark.  7. Operating instructions. 
7.1. The product arrives at the consumer in a transport (non-working) state. 
7.2. When installing it on a ship, it is necessary to turn the top cover of the Product to the left in the direction of the arrow until it is activated. 
7.3. Install the Product in the place of attachment with the top cover down (the Product will turn off). 
7.4. Further, the Product ignites autonomously when it gets into water. 
7.5. When operating in a tropical, subtropical climate, it is necessary to check the upper swivel cover of the buoy for turning to the ON-OFF position, when acidifying, add silicone grease under the upper cover of the buoy.
Manufacturer: LLC "Cyclone", St. Petersburg.

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