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  • Light-smoking buoy BSD-02
  • Light-smoking buoy BSD-02

Light-smoking buoy BSD-02

Designed for light and smoke designation of a lifebuoy thrown overboard in the dark and daylight hours. 
It is used in maritime climate conditions, complete with a heavy lifebuoy.
Included in the mandatory list of signaling means for equipping sea and mixed navigation vessels.
The light-smoking buoy is attached to the bracket with a spring clip. It is activated automatically when it falls into the water together with a lifebuoy, while an intense formation of orange smoke occurs and the lamps supply a light signal.

Has two modifications:
Light-smoking buoy BSD-02M (TU 7275- 227-07513406-2005) has a light-signaling system with separate switching on of lamps and a magnetic system for monitoring the health of light signals.
Light-smoking buoy BSD-02Msd (MKTA.771922.002TU) has all the advantages of the BSD-02M model and is equipped with energy-saving devices on LEDs instead of lamps glow buoys.

Light-smoking buoys BSD-02M and BSD-02Msd meet the requirements of:
- SOLAS 74/96 Convention;
- International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code);
- Russian Rules Maritime Register of Shipping;
- Technical regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities.

Technical characteristics:
Luminous intensity in all directions of the upper hemisphere, not less than 2 cd
The duration of the light system drove, not less than 2 hours
Time of smoke formation, not less than 15 minutes
Delay time of the beginning of smoke formation 6 ± 4 seconds
Smoke color orange
Length (without bracket) 500 mm
Diameter ( without bracket) 200 mm
Weight without bracket, no more than 5.48 kg
Air temperature during operation from -30 ° С to +65 ° С
Water temperature during operation from -1 ° С to +30 ° С
Diameter of mounting holes in the bracket, no more than 10 mm
Service life 4 years.
Hazard class according to GOST R 51270 III
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