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  • Light-smoking buoy COMET

Light-smoking buoy COMET

SOLAS requirements state that each vessel with a light-smoking buoy, which is attached with a steel bracket to the vessel and attached with a line to the lifebuoy.

Introduced here, the light buoy from the German company Comet is attached to a 4kg lifebuoy to indicate the location of the circle and man overboard. For this purpose, the buoy is easily separated from the attachment and thrown overboard together with the circle. This automatically activates the buoy and it generates dense orange smoke for 15 minutes and emits a 2 cd light signal for more than 2 hours, which helps in finding a person who fell overboard. It can also be manually activated if needed.

It is required to install a device on each bridge of the vessel, the vessel must have at least 2 pieces of this equipment. It is necessary to install the light-smoking buoy upside down and fixed to the life buoy, and at the moment of activation ensure a clear continuous fall into the water. The light output and duration of the buoy significantly exceeds the SOLAS requirement of 2 hours at 2 cd.

This smoke buoy is safe for use in water coated with gasoline or oil. It does not require an annual replacement of the lithium battery - it is sealed indefinitely. & Nbsp;
Approved installation height: 60 m, however, the buoy passed the manufacturer's test for a successful drop into water from a height of 100 m (SOLAS requires at least 30 m). This makes it ideal for use on vessels with a high freeboard.

Complies with SOLAS 1974 as amended, IMO resolution MSC 81 (70) part 1. MED: Light buoy BGV 422.012, smoke signal BVG 422.011. BAM-P1-0596, 0589-P1-0619.

Store this fixture in in a good warehouse in an upright position, on its own stainless steel bracket in the original packaging.

Duration of smoke generation within 15 minutes. when immersed in water for at least 10 sec. Supplied with 2 lamps, light intensity 2 cand., Operating time not less than 2 hours.
MED & amp; SOLAS.
Height: 453mm (17.8 ").
Diameter: 275mm (10.8").
Weight: 4.7kg.
Whole including bracket: 6, 7 kg.

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