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Заказать и купить изделие «Ракета зеленого огня РОЗ-30» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Rocket of green fire ROZ-30
  • Rocket of green fire ROZ-30

Rocket of green fire ROZ-30

PURPOSE: to attract attention or give distress signals from ships, lifeboats, rafts. Suitable for use on ships with unlimited sailing area. It can be used for completing other rescue equipment.

COMPOSITION: The rocket is a ready shot, fired from hands without special devices. The rocket consists of a plastic case, which houses a grater igniter, a jet engine and the rocket itself, with signal asterisks located in it.

Complies with the requirements of MK SOLAS-74/96 and LSA Code Class 1370. Pyrotechnics. < br>
Signal action time, not less, from 6.
Signal rise height, not less, 150m
Signal visibility range, nautical mile:
- at night, not less than 2.5.
- in the daytime, not less than 1.0.
Application temperature range from -30 to + 65 ° С
ROZ-30 signal color: green.
Rocket diameter, 32 mm
Rocket length, 200 mm
Rocket weight, 0.14 kg
Assigned service life before decommissioning 5 years.
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