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Заказать и купить изделие «Гидротермокостюм ГТКС-Р с раструбом размер-2» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • The GTKS-R immersion suit with a bell size-2

The GTKS-R immersion suit with a bell size-2

TCS refers to personal rescue equipment.

Designed for:

to keep the survivor on the surface of the water;
protection from hypothermia;
to ensure a safe for human life stay in the water with a temperature of 0 ° C for at least 6 hours.
GTKS is made from a material of domestic production of orange color, similar to the imported material 'neoprene'. The material is waterproof, resistant to oil products, does not support combustion. The thickness of the main material GKTS & ndash; 7.5 mm. Has permission from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. GKTS consists of overalls (with sealed zipper), combined with a helmet, headrest, gloves and boots.

GTS is equipped with:

detection means (reflective strips, whistle, electric search fire);
device lifting out of the water; with a safety line; with a packing bag.
Suits of 4 sizes are produced:

GKTS size Human height, cm no more Weight, kg
I 140-160 up to 75
II 160-180 up to 95
III 180-200 up to 115
IV 200-220 up to 135 TU 6418-207-00149245-96

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