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  • Rescue line (End of Alexandrov)
  • Rescue line (End of Alexandrov)
  • Rescue line (End of Alexandrov)

Rescue line (End of Alexandrov)

1. Appointment. 
1.1. The rescue line (hereinafter referred to as the line) is intended to provide assistance to a drowning or exhausted person. 
2. Technical data. 
2.1. Line length 30 m
2.2. Line diameter 8 mm
2.2. Rescue loop diameter 0.6-0.8 m
2.3. Number of floats 2 pcs. 
2.4. Float material - PPE.
2.5. The covering material of the floats is OXFORD-240 fabric. 
2.3. Tench weight: 400gr
3. Design. 
3.1. The line consists of a cable with a loop at the end. On the loop of the cable, 2 floats are fixed to support the drowning person. 
4. Packaging. 
4.1. Lin comes in an orange case. 
5. Using tench. 
5.1 Before giving the end, you should take with your left hand a coil (eight-shaped turns) collected, and with your right hand a large loop of Aleksandrov's end and 4-5 turns (hoses) of the rope. After that, you need to take a stable position and, making 2-3 circular swings with an outstretched right hand, throw the end of Aleksandrov towards the drowning person and slightly up. The victim, grasping the floats with his hands or hand, must put on a loop with floats over his head under his armpits. After that, the rescuer can gently, without jerking, pull the drowning person to the shore, boat or dinghy. 
6. Delivery set. 
6.1. Rescue tench 1pc. 
6.2. Cover 1pc. 
6.3. Passport for the batch 1pc. 
7. Maintenance. 
7.1. After use, wind up the string and pack in a case. 
8. Manufacturer's Warranties. 
8.1. Service life - at least 5 years.
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