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  • Vest working-safety & quot; Cyclone-1 & quot;
  • Vest working-safety & quot; Cyclone-1 & quot;
  • Vest working-safety & quot; Cyclone-1 & quot;
  • Vest working-safety & quot; Cyclone-1 & quot;
  • Vest working-safety & quot; Cyclone-1 & quot;

Vest working-safety & quot; Cyclone-1 & quot;

1. Appointment.
1.1. The vest is used for completing ships, watercraft and other floating and stationary structures at sea, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Designed for constant wearing during mooring and other work on a floating craft, protects people on the deck from wind, excessive heat loss, and in the event of a fall overboard keeps the victim on the water.
1.2. Product operating conditions & ndash; О.1 according to GOST 15150-69, at air temperatures from minus 30 ° С to + 65 ° С.
1.3. The vest must be in working order in fresh water at temperatures from 0 ° C to + 30 ° C and at sea water temperatures from minus 1 ° C to + 30 ° C.
1.4. An example of a record of a conventional designation of a vest when ordering and in the documentation of another product, where it can be applied:
- Work-safety vest, TU 7448-008-59528825-06,
2. Technical characteristics.
2.1. The work and safety vest is made in accordance with GOST 22336-77 and meets the requirements of TU 7448-008-59528825-06 (see Fig. 1).
2.2. The vest retains its properties when exposed to the external environment during the service life and stands:
- to decay, corrosion and the effects of sea water, oil or fungi;
- to vibration;
- to sunlight. < br> 2.3. The jacket has a bright color.
2.4. The buoyancy of the vest is provided by floats sewn into the vest shell in three layers with a material thickness of 10 mm.
2.5. The material of the floats has a closed porosity (structure).
2.6. The buoyancy of the vest does not decrease by more than 5% after immersing it in fresh water for 24 hours.
2.7. Each vest is equipped with a whistle with a cord securely attached to it.
2.8. Weight of the vest in running order should not exceed 1.0 kg.
2.9. The width of the belt for the waistcoat belt is not less than 30 mm.
2.10. The design of the vest provides longitudinal strength (shoulder) not less than 900 N (90 kg) and belt strength (lifting loop) not less than 3200 N (320 kg).
2.11. Ergonomics of the vest provides maximum convenience and comfort of use.
2.12. The service life of the vest is determined by the limiting state (GOST 27.002-89), but not less than 5 years.
3. Completeness.
3.1. The delivery set includes:
- work-safety vest;
- signal whistle;
- passport;
- plastic bag.
4. Marking.
4.1. The vest is marked on a tag attached to the vest shell.
4.2. The location of the marking is shown in Fig. 1.
4.3. The following information data should be applied to the tag:
- trademark of the manufacturer;
- name of the manufacturer, telephone, nationality;
- product name;
- service life;
- batch number;
- TU number (product designation).
4.5. Information data are presented in Russian.
4.7. In the passport the product is stamped with the technical control of the manufacturer.
4.8. The shipping container is marked in accordance with GOST 14192-96.
5. Packing.
5.1. The vest is packed in a plastic bag in accordance with GOST 10354-82.
5.2. The shipping container is a plywood box in accordance with GOST 5959-80.
5.3. Packing, marking and transportation of products shipped to the Far North and hard-to-reach areas is carried out in accordance with GOST 15846-79.
6. Design and principle of operation.
6.1. Structurally, the vest consists of a shell 9 filled with floats.
6.2. Belt 7 with buckle 5 fixed to it is held on the vest shell by means of four belt loops 8 (two, on the front and on the back of the vest).
6.3. On the left side of the chest there is a pocket for storing the whistle 4.
6.4. On the back of the pad 2 there is a label sewn 1.
7. Safety requirements.
7.1. It is prohibited to use open fire in the places where vests are stored.
7.2. The vest must be protected from getting fuels and lubricants.
7.3. It is FORBIDDEN to use the vest not for its intended purpose!
8. Environmental protection requirements.
8.1. The vest during operation does not affect the environment:
- there is no chemical, biological effect;
- toxic, pollutants are not emitted.
8.2. The product is disposed of by the user through a recycling company.
9. Transportation and storage.
9.1. Vests are allowed to be transported by any type of transport without limiting the distance and speed of movement Transportation conditions in terms of the impact of climatic factors & ndash; 6 (ОЖ2) in accordance with GOST 15150-69, but at a lower ambient temperature of minus 40 °, within 3 months.
9.2. Transportation of products shipped to the regions of Extreme

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