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Заказать и купить изделие «Жилет спасательный морской типа ЖС-2000» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Life vest marine type ZhS-2000
  • Life vest marine type ZhS-2000
  • Life vest marine type ZhS-2000

Life vest marine type ZhS-2000

1. Appointment. 
Marine life-saving vest ZhS-2000 TU 7448-009-59528825-07 (hereinafter referred to as the vest) is used as an individual life-saving device for people weighing 35 to 145 kg of personnel of the MF and the Navy. 
2 Technical data. 
2.1. The vest meets the requirements of the rules of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, OTT 6.157-94 and the Technical Regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities. 
2.2. Overall dimensions of the vest (+ mm):
width 320 mm; 
length 780 mm; 
thickness 100 mm
2.3. Weight of the vest with search fire, not more than 1.2 kg
2.4. The vest has buoyancy, not less than 16.5 kg
2.5. Vest shoulder strength, not less than 90 kg
2.6. Strength of fastening of the tape and lifting loop, not less than 320 kg
2.7. The vest shell color is orange. 
2.8. The vest is made for people weighing from 35 to 145 kg and chest girth from 900 to 1750 mm
3. Design. 
3.1. The vest is equipped with a whistle and search fire. 
3.2. The vest can be easily adjusted to the figure of people of various sizes and can be put on without assistance in a period of no more than 1 min. 
3.3. The vest has a dressing scheme and markings. 
4. Packaging. 
4.1. Each vest is packed in a plastic bag and stacked in cardboard boxes or other types of packaging. 
4.2. Other types of packaging are allowed upon agreement with the Customer. 
5. Preparing the vest for work:
Put on the vest with the straps to the body, stretching the straps to the sides, pull the vest up to the chin. Tie the vest and body with straps, and fasten securely in place. 
6. Contents of delivery. 
6.1. Life vest - 1pc. 
6.2. Signal whistle - 1 pc. 
6.3. Search electric fire - 1pc. 
6.4. Passport for each vest - 1 pc. 
6.5. RMRS certificate for a batch - 1 pc. 
7. Maintenance. 
7.1. The use of gasoline, acetone and other solvents for cleaning vests is prohibited. 
7.2. It is forbidden to use a life jacket if the jacket of the vest, attachment straps are broken, and at least one part of the filler is missing. 
7.3. The vest should be periodically inspected at least once a year. 
8. Storage and transportation. 
8.1. The vests are stored in a ventilated room at a distance of at least 1 m from heating devices, protected from sunlight, humidity, dirt and dust. 
8.2. Transportation conditions for ZhZ group according to GOST 15150-69. 
9. Manufacturer's warranty. 
9.1. The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the vests with the requirements of these technical conditions TU 7448-009-59528825-07, provided that the consumer observes the conditions and rules of operation, transportation and storage. 
9.2. Service life - at least 10 years.
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