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Заказать и купить изделие «Жилет рабоче-страховочный «Циклон-2»» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Work and safety vest
  • Work and safety vest
  • Work and safety vest
  • Work and safety vest

Work and safety vest "Cyclone-2"

1. Appointment. 
1.1. The "Cyclone-2" work safety vest is designed to be worn continuously during mooring and other work on a floating craft, protects people on the deck from wind, excessive heat loss from water, and in the event of a fall overboard keeps the victim on the water. 
1.2. The vest complies with the requirements of the Russian River Register and the International Maritime Safety Convention SOLAS 74/96. 
2. Technical data. 
2.1. Overall dimensions of the vest:
- thickness 80mm
- width 650 mm
- height 900 mm
2.2. Weight of the vest:
- with search fire -1.1 kg
- without search fire - 0.850 kg
2.3. The buoyancy of the vest (supporting force - not less than 16.5 kg.). 
2.4. Designed for people weighing from 41 to 140 kg
3. Completeness. 
3.1. Vest ZhSR- "Cyclone-2" - 1 pc. 
3.2. Signal whistle - 1 pc. 
3.3. Search fire "Cyclone-3" - 1pc. 
3.4. Reflective stripes. 
3.5. Passport - 1 pc.
3.6. Plastic bag. 
4. Vest construction. 
4.1. The vest is a "pea jacket" with a collar. 
4.2. The vest is pulled together on a person with the help of straps at the bottom and in the middle of the structure. 
4.3. To facilitate the search for a man overboard, the vest has reflective stripes and a search fire. The search fire is placed in a special pocket on the vest. When dropped into water, the search fire is turned on manually. 
4.4. The collar design ensures the position of the victim's mouth 120 mm above the water level
4.5. The vest has 2 pockets for storing tools. 
5. Putting on the vest.
5.1. The vest can be easily put on a person, pulled up to the body with the help of straps and is attached to the body with the help of straps. 
5.2. Before putting on the vest, it is necessary to inspect and check the integrity of the filler and the presence of straps. 
6. Information about storage and transportation. 
6.1. Transportation of vests is carried out by all types of transport in accordance with the Rules for the carriage of goods in force for these types of transport. 
6.2. In use, vests are stored in a ventilated room in a working position, i.e. are hung by the upper loop on the collar and stored at an air temperature from minus 30 ° to 65 ° С.
6.3. Before use, vests should be stored in closed rooms with a relative humidity of not more than 70% and temperatures from minus 5 ° to + 40 ° С.
6.4. It is not allowed to store vests in the same room with gasoline, kerosene, oil, acids and other chemical substances. 
7. Maintenance. 
7.1. Periodically (at least once a year) vests are checked by external examination for the integrity of the structure, the operability of the search fire and completeness. 
7.2. It is forbidden to use the vest if the integrity of its shell, fastening bands, the absence of filler parts, and the absence of a search fire are prohibited. 
8. Manufacturer's warranty. 
8.1. The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of ZhSR-"Cyclone-2" vests with the requirements of these specifications, provided that the consumer observes the rules of operation, transportation and storage established by these specifications. 
8.2. The guaranteed shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. 
8.3. Service life is not less than 5 years. 
9. Acceptance. 
Work and safety vest "Cyclone-2" meets the requirements of TU 7448-013-59528825-08 and is recognized as fit for use. 
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