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Заказать и купить изделие «Амперметр Д 1600» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

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  • Ammeter D 1600

Ammeter D 1600

The D1600 ammeter is a shaking-proof, vibration-proof, shock-proof device of a high degree of reliability. 

Used to measure the current in the AC network on a mobile power plant. ... It is also used on ships of the sea and river fleets to measure the current strength in electrical circuits Measurement limits of ammeters and kiloammeters: & ndash; at frequencies 50Hz, 400Hz and 10Hz-60Hz & ndash; 5A; 10A; 20A; 30A; 50A; 75A; 100A; 150A; 200A & ndash; direct inclusion; & ndash; 5A; 10A; 20A; 30A; 50A; 75A; 100A; 150A; 200A; 300A; 400A; 600A; 750A; 800A; 1kA; 1.5kA; 2kA; 3kA; 4kA; 5kA; 6kA & ndash; inclusion through TT 1 / 5A); & ndash; only at a frequency of 50Hz & ndash; 100A; 150A; 200A; 300A; 400A; 600A; 750A; 800A; 1kA; 1.5kA; 2kA; 3kA; 4kA; 5kA; 6kA & ndash; switching on through TT1 / 5A and I1820 5 / 1A with a connecting line length of 25mm; & ndash; only at 400Hz & ndash; 10A; 20A; 30A; 50A; 75A; 100A; 150A; 200A & ndash; inclusion through I1820 1 / 1A). & ndash; only for frequencies 10Hz-60Hz: 100A; 150A; 200A; 300A; 400A; 600A; 750A; 800A; 1kA; 1.5kA; 2kA; 3kA; 4kA; 5kA; 6kA & ndash; inclusion through TT1 / 5A). Accuracy class of the ammeter D1600 & ndash; 2.5. The length of the uneven scale & ndash; 185mm. The working position of the device & ndash; vertical and horizontal. A temperature deviation from the nominal by 10 ° C causes a change in the ammeter readings within ± 0.5%; magnetic field strength 400 / m & ndash; within ± 1%. Operating temperature range & mdash; from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C. Permissible relative air humidity & mdash; up to 95% at + 35 ° C. Dimensions of the ammeter D1600 & mdash; 120x120x170mm. The mass of the device & mdash; 2.1kg. Time to establish readings & mdash; no more than 3s. The warranty period & ndash; 1 year from the beginning of operation. Calendar service life & ndash; at least 5 years.

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