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  • Ammeter E 378

Ammeter E 378

Ammeter E378 is a vibration-proof, shock-proof, splash-proof panel device of the electromagnetic system, designed to measure current and voltage in alternating current circuits with a frequency of 50Hz - 1000Hz. Accuracy class - 1.5. Dimensions - 160 × 160 × 125mm. Ammeters E378 are used in the field of state metrological control and supervision. The working position is vertical. The character of the scale of the E378 ammeters and E378 voltmeters is uneven. E378 ammeters allow basic measurement error not exceeding ± 1.5% of the final scale value. For instruments with an overload scale in the overload area, the basic error does not exceed ± 6% of the difference between the end values ​​of the overload scale and the measurement range. E378 ammeters, under the influence of various factors, allow the following measurement errors: - under the influence of external magnetic fields with a strength of 400A / m - ± 2.5%; - when the device deviates by 45 ° from the vertical position in any direction - no more than ± 1.5%; - if the frequency deviates from the nominal by ± 10% - no more than ± 1.5%. The change in the readings of the E378 devices due to the deviation of the ambient temperature from 20 ° C (in the range from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C) does not exceed ± 0.8% - for class 1.5 devices for every 10 degrees. The E378 ammeter and the E378 voltmeter are designed for use at temperatures ranging from -50 ° C to + 60 ° C. Relative air humidity should be no more than 95% (at + 35 ° C). Climatic version - normal and tropical. Placement category - 2 (E378T2). E378 devices are made in a splash-proof housing. E378 ammeters and E378 voltmeters are intended for flush mounting on vertical or horizontal panels (shields) made of both magnetic and non-magnetic materials. When installing E378, you must adhere to the following rules: - the installation of devices must be done carefully, without distortions; - fastening of E378 ammeters and E378 voltmeters on the panel must be rigid and not create additional loads; - during installation, the E378 ammeter should be located away from sources of strong magnetic fields with an intensity higher than 0.4 kA / m; - devices intended to be connected to a network with a voltage of over 650V are mounted on insulators in a place inaccessible to touch.
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