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  • Ammeter M 1611.1

Ammeter M 1611.1

Ammeter M1611.1 is designed to measure direct and pulsating current with a frequency of 100 Hz in the networks of ship power plants. It also measures the insulation resistance of the network and can serve as an indicating device for a speed meter. The ammeter is a panel vibration-resistant device of a magnetoelectric system for flush mounting. Specifications TU 25-04.4014-80 Ammeter M1611.1 are designed to measure current and voltage in DC networks of ship power plants. The instruments can be used to measure any non-electrical quantities converted to direct current and voltage signals. Structurally, the devices consist of a measuring mechanism, body, base and platband. The housing is made of thermoplastic plastic and has two compartments. The measuring mechanism is located in the front compartment, and electrical circuit elements in the rear compartment. A plastic base is attached to the back of the housing. The front of the M1611 and M1611.2 devices are closed with a plastic casing with a sight glass, and for the Ml611.1 device - with a metal casing. The corrector screw is located in the center of the glass. The scale marks are applied on the outer raised edge of the dial so that the end of the hand is in the same plane with them. This eliminates the parallax error during counting. The design of the supports provides spring damping of the moving part of the devices from shocks and vibrations, both in the axial and radial directions. The ammeter sale kit includes calibrated wires 1.5 m long and 1.5 mm in cross section (only to an ammeter designed to connect to a shunt with calibrated wires); additional resistance P109 / 1 (only for voltmeters Ml611 with a measurement range of 0 ... 1.5 kV and higher)); Ammeters M1611.1 are vibration-proof and shock-proof, made in splash-proof housings. IP44. Accuracy class 1.5. Acceptance types: Quality Control Department, Marine Register, River Register. The interval between verification is no more than 6 years. Mean time between failures is not less than 49000 hours. Average service life is not less than 25 years. The function of internal illumination of the dial can be equipped with ammeters with a measuring range of 0 - 500 A. The internal illumination device is powered from a 24 V or 48 V DC network.
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