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  • Ammeter M 1621

Ammeter M 1621

The ammeter M1621 is used to measure the current in the DC circuit. The device can be used for remote measurements. The devices are vibration and shock resistant, made in splash-proof housings. IP54. Accuracy class 1.5. Acceptance types: Quality Control Department, VP, Marine Register, River Register. Calibration interval - 2 years M1621 ammeters are designed for remote current measurement in DC networks of ship power plants, as well as for operation in severe operating conditions at enterprises of various industries. Instruments can be manufactured with a zero mark within the measurement range (with symmetrical bilateral scales), except for milliammeters. Measurement ranges of the device ammeters M1621 and kiloammeters M1621: 0 - 30A; 0 - 50A; 0 - 75A; 0 - 100A; 0 - 150A; 0 - 200A; 0 - 300A; 0 - 500A; 0 - 750A; 0 - 1kA; 0 - 1.5kA; 0 - 2kA; 0 - 3kA, 0 - 4kA; 0 - 5kA; 0 - 6kA; 0 - 7.5kA. Ammeter M1621 and kiloammeter M1621 can be made with a symmetrical two-sided scale. The settling time of the instrument readings is no more than 3 s. The permissible additional error caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature from (20 ± 5) ° С to any (in the range from -40 ° С to + 50 ° С) for every 10K does not exceed ± 0.8% - for ammeters, kiloammeters М1621. The permissible additional error of the device under the influence of an external magnetic field with an induction of 0.5 mT is equal to half of the permissible basic error. M1621 scale length - 180mm. Scale angle 230 °. Weight 1.5kg; dimensions of the adjusting resistor type R1830 118x39x50mm, weight 0.15kg; dimensions of the P1825 type switch 160x150x123mm, weight 1.5kg. MTBF is not less than 49000 hours. The service life of the device is at least 25 years. The device complies with GOST. Overall dimensions 120x120x166mm. Accuracy class 1.5.
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