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  • Frequency meter Ts1626.1

Frequency meter Ts1626.1

The Ts1626.1 frequency meter is used to measure the frequency in the alternating current network of a ship's power plant. Frequency meters belong to a series of shockproof panel instruments and consist of 2 main parts: a direct current indicating device and an additional device with an electronic active power-to-direct current converter. Components of the indicating device: measuring mechanism, body, base and platband. Frequency meter body material Ts1626.1: thermoplastic plastic. Execution - splash-proof. A plinth with clips is attached to the back of the case. The front part of the indicating device is closed by a casing with a sight glass. An adjustment screw is placed in the center of the glass. The scale markings are applied along the outer raised edge of the dial so that the end of the hand lies in the same plane with it. This avoids parallax error. Accuracy class: 0.5. Rated voltage: 127, 220 and 380 V (specify when ordering). Measurement ranges: 45 - 55 Hz; 55 - 65 Hz; 350 - 450 Hz. Delivery set: indicating device Ts1626.1; additional device (converter) P1826.1 / 7. Characteristics of the additional device Р1826.1 / 7: Weight no more than 1.7 kg Overall dimensions 112х170х95 mm Warranty period of operation 5 years Full service life - 20 years Operating conditions Ts1626.1: operating temperature range from –10 ° С to + 50 ° С Relative air humidity 98% at 35 ° С Overall dimensions: 120х120х166 mm Safety requirements according to GOST 22261, TU 25-04.3913-80. The devices in terms of protection against electric shock meet the requirements of class 3 GOST
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