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  • ERSU-3 level sensor-relay

ERSU-3 level sensor-relay

ERSU-Z, ERSU-3R level switch sensor is designed for signaling and maintaining the level of electrically conductive liquids within specified limits at three points in one or different tanks. The device consists of a transmitting transducer and three sensors. The sensor consists of a body, an electrode and a cap, which serves to seal the wire connected to the electrode lead. The transmitting converter consists of a housing, a cover and an electronic unit. There are four light filters on the cover to indicate the power supply and to reach the preset levels. Connection of external wires or cables is made under a screw, the sealing is carried out with gaskets, in which it is necessary to punch a hole corresponding to the outer diameter of the wire or cable. There is a grounding screw on the instrument body. The principle of operation of the ERSU-Z device is based on converting the change in electrical resistance between the electrode and the tank wall into an electrical relay signal. When the sensor electrode is immersed in the controlled environment, the resistance decreases, the relay is activated and the LED of the corresponding channel lights up. In the absence of medium, the resistance increases, the relay is released and the LED goes out. The device has three independent channels that allow you to control 3 levels of liquid in one or different tanks. The electrical circuit consists of transistor relay stages and three rectifier elements powered by a step-down transformer. ERSU-Z technical characteristics Output signal: switching pairs of relay contacts Load on the output relay contacts: - current, A: 0.5-2.5 - frequency, Hz: 50; 60 - voltage, V: 12-250 permissible current increase for no more than 0.1 s, A, no more: 5 Upper value of response resistance, Ohm: 5000 Power supply parameters of ERSU-Z (nominal value): - AC voltage, V: 220, 380 - frequency, Hz: 50, 60 Weight, kg, no more than: - transmitting transducer: 2 - sensors: 0.65 ERSU-Z operating conditions In terms of resistance to climatic influences, the devices correspond to climatic versions UHL or OM of the placement category 2 (sensor) and 3 or 4 (transmitting transducer), but at an ambient temperature of -50 to + 70 ° С (sensor) and from -50 to + 60 ° С (transmitting transducer) ERSU-Z and a relative humidity of 98% (100% for the OM version) at a temperature of 35 ° C (sensor) and 98% at a temperature of 35 ° C (40 ° C for the OM version) - a transmitting converter. The device is not intended for operation in explosive areas, control of environments that give a solid deposit on the sensor electrode, impact of shock and shock.
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