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  • ROS-501 level sensor-relay
  • ROS-501 level sensor-relay
  • ROS-501 level sensor-relay
  • ROS-501 level sensor-relay

ROS-501 level sensor-relay

Level switch ROS-501, ROS-501I are designed to control the level of liquids with a density of at least 0.52 g / cm3 and two-position control of mechanisms in stationary and ship conditions. Level sensors consist of a primary and a transmitting transducer. The principle of operation of ROS-501 is based on the transformation into an electrical relay signal of the change in the parameters of the inductance coils due to the movement of the float when the level of the controlled environment changes. ROS-501 operating conditions In terms of resistance to climatic influences, the level switches correspond to the UHL or OM design, placement category 4 (transmitting transducer) and 5 (primary converter) according to GOST 15150 for operation at ambient temperature and humidity according to Table 1. Sensors-relays of the OM performance level meet the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for signaling, measurement and control devices for vessels with an unlimited navigation area. The primary transducer of the level sensor ROS-501I is marked with explosion protection `` 1ExibIIBT5 in the set ROS-501I '', meets the requirements of GOST R 51330.0, GOST R 51330.10 and is intended for installation in hazardous areas of premises and outdoor installations in accordance with Ch. 7.3 PUE. Transmitter with output intrinsically safe `` ib '' level circuits is made in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 51330.10-99, is marked '[Exib] IIB'; and is intended for installation outside hazardous areas. Level relay sensors designed for operation in the UAE belong to the elements of normal operation (CSNE) and safety control systems (CSS) classes ZN, ZNU, 4N according to PNAE G-1-011-97. ROS-501 level switches of class ZN, ZNU, intended for operation in the UAE, in terms of seismic resistance belong to category IIb according to NP 031-01 and must comply with the requirements of PNAE G-5-006-87 and GOST 17516.1. Sensors-relays are dustproof and vibration-proof. The degree of protection of the shells according to GOST 14254: IP54 & mdash; for UHL performance; IP56 & mdash; for primary converter of ОМ execution; IP65 & mdash; by separate order. By the method of protecting a person from electric shock, the sensors-relays belong to class 01 according to GOST ROS-501 delivery set of the transmitting converter (PPR); primary converter (PP); spare parts set (gasket - 2 pcs., float - 1 pc, fuse - 1 pc.); passport & mdash; 1 copy; operation manual & mdash; 1 copy (for 10 sensors in one address for ROS-501);

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