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  • liquid level sensor RU-2M

liquid level sensor RU-2M

RU-2M liquid level sensor-relay is produced according to TU 25-02.021608-79. Designed to control the level of water, soap and soda solutions, perchlorethylene and tetrachlorethylene solvents, and other liquids. The principle of operation of the sensor-relay is based on converting the pressure of the liquid column on the membrane into the movement of two pushers associated with it, which successively switch two pairs of contacts, each of which is set to a certain level of operation. The RU-2M level switch is used in automatic washing machines and dishwashers, dry cleaning machines, water towers, sewerage wells and other facilities where the possibility of the formation of explosive gas and vapor-air mixtures is excluded. RU-2M can also be used as an emergency pressure sensor up to 9 kPa for gaseous non-explosive atmospheres. Controlled environment - water, soap-soda solutions and liquids with a density of 1.0 to 1.2 g / cm³ at a temperature of 5 to 110 ° C, under atmospheric pressure; perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene solvents. RU-2M technical data Maximum adjustable pressures for switching contacts: Level increase RU-1M: 2.5 and 3.3 kPa or 3.1 and 4.1 kPa; RU-2M: 5.9 and 8.8 kPa. Lowering the level of RU-1M: 0.6 kPa; RU-2M: 1.96 kPa. Controlled environment temperature: from plus 5 to plus 110 ° С. Density of the controlled environment: 1.0 to 1.2 g / cm3. Accuracy of operation: up to 300 mm: 0.147 kPa (15 mm water column); from 300 mm: 5%. Switching current: up to 10 A at active load and voltage up to 220 V. Weight: no more than 0.5 kg. Overall dimensions: D86 × 130 mm.
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