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  • Manometer EDMU-15

Manometer EDMU-15

Electric remote pressure gauges EDMU-15 are designed for remote control of excess pressure of liquids in fuel supply, lubrication and cooling systems of internal combustion engines, and can also be used in other systems where remote control of excess pressure of non-aggressive liquids and gases is required. In terms of resistance to ambient temperature and humidity, the manometers correspond to the D3 execution group in accordance with GOST 12997 and have a UHL version or B version, placement category 3 in accordance with GOST 15150, but for operation at temperatures from minus 60 to plus 75оС for the receiver and from minus 60 to plus 60 ° C for the pointer. In terms of environmental protection, the indicator must have a degree of protection IP53, and the receiver must have IP55 in accordance with GOST 14254. EDMU-15 manometer - technical characteristics The upper measurement limit of manometers must be 1.5 (15) MPa (kgf / cm2). DC supply voltage, V 27. The current consumed by the pressure gauges should not exceed 0.15 A. The basic permissible error limit, in% of the upper measurement limit ± 4. When completing EDMU-15 manometers at the consumer from the receivers and indicators obtained separately, the limit of the permissible basic error of the manometer is ± 6% of the upper measurement limit. Variation in pressure gauge readings should not exceed the absolute value of the limit of the permissible basic error. The length of the connecting cable between the receiver and the pointer along the route is no more than 60 m. The pressure gauges must be resistant to vibration with a frequency of 20 - 80 Hz with an amplitude of no more than 1 mm at acceleration up to 100 m / s2 for receivers and 15 m / s2 for pointers. Manometers EDMU-15 must withstand the impact of 2000 shocks with an acceleration of 100 m / s2 with a pulse duration of 10 - 15 ms. The mass of the pressure gauges should not exceed 1.1 kg.
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