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  • Manometer М-1-4С

Manometer М-1-4С

The М-1-4С manometer is designed to measure the excess pressure of oxygen in the respiratory and anesthetic-respiratory equipment, as well as air in the breathing equipment of fire equipment. Produced in accordance with TU 25-7310.034-88. Manometer М-1-4С Technical characteristics Choke arrangement - axial. Connecting pipe thread - М 1 0 х 1; 6 g Case diameter (mm) - 40. Accuracy class of the М-1-4С manometer - 2.5. Service life -10 years Measurement range (MPa) - 0-0.6; 0-2.5; 0-4; 0-25; 0-40 In terms of resistance to ambient temperature and humidity, the devices correspond to group D3 in accordance with GOST 12997-84 and have version B, placement category 2 in accordance with GOST 15150-69, but for operation at ambient temperatures from minus 60 to plus 80оС. The M-1-4S manometer is used to measure the vacuum and gauge pressure of non-aggressive, non-crystallizing liquid and gaseous media and vapors, amyl and heptyl in the ambient air
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