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  • DER manometer

DER manometer

The DER pressure gauge, models 22364 and 22365 are designed for continuous conversion of excess or vacuum pressure into a unified AC output signal based on a change in mutual inductance. The measured media can be liquids and gases that are non-aggressive with respect to the materials of the parts in contact with the measured medium and specified in the passport. The devices are used for operation in explosion-proof rooms. DER manometers are used in stationary conditions (on stationary objects) to operate in a set with secondary devices and various information receivers capable of receiving a standard signal in the form of mutual inductance. This property of interchangeability provides the possibility of joint operation of a secondary device with several devices with periodic connection of measurement points, as well as a quick replacement of a failed device without calibrating the set. The measured medium of the MED-22364 and MED-22365 transducers can be liquid and gas, which are non-aggressive with respect to the materials of the parts in contact with the measured medium and indicated in the passport. MED manometer technical characteristics Accuracy class - 1 and 1.5; Output signal - change in mutual inductance 0 ... 10 mH; Output signal settling time - no more than 1 s; Power supply of the primary winding of the differential-transformer converter of the device - 125-18.75 + 12.5 mA of alternating current; Supply current frequency - 50 or 60 Hz; Overall dimensions - 205 x 160 x 185 mm; Weight - no more than 2 kg. MED 22364 (class points 1-1, 5, pressure measurement ranges from -1 kgf / cm2 to 16 kgf / cm2 according to GOST-series); MED 22365 (cl. Points 1-1, 5, pressure measurement ranges from 25 kgf / cm2 to 1600 kgf / cm2 according to GOST-series) The devices are intended for operation in explosion-proof rooms.
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