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  • Manometer MP3

Manometer MP3

Pressure gauges MP3, vacuum gauges and pressure gauges showing MP3, VP3 and MVP3 are designed to measure the excess and vacuum pressure of non-aggressive liquids, non-crystallizing in relation to copper alloys, liquids, steam and gas, including oxygen, acetylene, freons 12, 13, 22, 142 and 502 (freons) with temperatures up to 150ºС. Pressure gauges MP3 technical characteristics Materials of parts: body: steel, aluminum alloy glass: technical window tubular spring: copper alloy, iron-nickel alloy holder: copper alloy mechanism: bronze, stainless steel Diameter of the pressure gauge MP3 -100 mm. Accuracy class: 1.5. Protection degree: IP40. The devices withstand the effects of vibration: in the frequency range from 5 to 25 Hz with an amplitude of up to 0.1 mm (group L3 according to GOST 12997-84). Climatic modification: U2 (operating temperature range -50 to +60 ° С). Weight of the MP3 manometer is not more than 0.7 kg. Average service life is 10 years. The warranty period of operation is 18 months from the date of putting the mp3-u manometer into operation, subject to the rules of operation, storage and installation in accordance with GOST 2405-88. Calibration interval or calibration frequency -1 year. Manometers MP3-U, VP3-U, MVP3-U comply with the requirements of GOST 2405-88, TU 4212-389-0411113635-04. Installation (dismantling) of pressure gauges must be carried out in the absence of pressure in the pipeline. The device should be installed either in its normal working position (the position of the device with a vertical dial (permissible deviation + -5 in any direction)), or in accordance with the working position sign indicated on the dial. During installation, the device may only be rotated by the union using a wrench. Do not apply force to the body of the device.
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