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  • Manometer MTK

Manometer MTK

MTK manometers are designed to measure excess and vacuum constant and variable pressure of liquids and gases that do not crystallize at operating temperatures and are neutral with respect to copper alloys, as well as to measure seawater pressure up to 6 MPa (60 kgf / cm2) under vibration and tilt conditions. The products are intended for operation in conditions standardized for the type of climatic modification UHL4.2 and are manufactured in accordance with TU 25.05.1774-75. MTK pressure gauges are shockproof, earthquake-resistant, waterproof. The measured media can be oxygen and freon grades. Manufactured for Russian industry and for export supplies, including for tropical climates. MTK manometers technical characteristics Accuracy class 1.5 and 2.5. - manometers with the upper limit of overpressure measurements up to 250 kPa inclusive - 2.5%, from kPa and above - 1.5%; - manovacuum gauges with an upper limit of overpressure measurements up to 150 kPa inclusive - 2.5%, from 300 kPa and above - 1.5%; - vacuum gauges - 2.5%. Ambient air temperature - from minus 50 to plus 60 ° С, relative humidity - 98% at 35 ° С. The dial of MTK manometers is covered with a temporary light composition. Weight - no more than 0.85 kg. The devices are shock- and vibration-resistant, splash-proof. Vibration resistance: frequency from 5 to 25 Hz, amplitude 0.03; 0.05; 0.1 mm. Manufactured for the needs of the national economy and for export (including tropical climate).
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