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Заказать и купить изделие «Манометр МТП-1М (0-40 кгс/см2)» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

  • Manometer МТП-1М (0-40 kgf / cm2)
  • Manometer МТП-1М (0-40 kgf / cm2)

Manometer МТП-1М (0-40 kgf / cm2)

The MTP-1M manometer is designed to measure the excess and vacuum pressure of liquid and gaseous non-aggressive media, including oxygen, acetylene. The devices can be used in nuclear power plants. The devices are not designed to measure the pressure of viscous and crystallizing media. The principle of operation of the devices is based on the dependence of the elastic deformation of the sensitive element (single-turn tubular spring) on ​​the pressure inside this element. The movement of the end of the sensitive element is converted into angular movement of the arrow of the MTP-1M manometer device. To smooth out the pulsation of the measured pressure, a damper is provided in the design. The devices are connected to the pressure take-off point using a technological threaded connection. MTP-1M manometer technical characteristics Body diameter - 60 mm Measurement ranges, kgf / cm2: 0..100 Accuracy class - 2.5 Location of the nozzle - radial (nozzle from the bottom) Connecting thread - M12x1.5 Operable in conditions of mechanical stress, rain, dust. The MTP-1M manometer has a wide range of applications and is used to measure the pressure of non-aggressive media such as water, steam, oil, gasoline, kerosene, and on request, instruments are made to measure the pressure of oxygen and acetylene. The pressure gauge showing MTP-1M is used to measure the excess pressure of liquid and gaseous non-aggressive non-crystallizing media. The principle of operation of the manometer is based on balancing the measured pressure by the force of elastic deformation of a tubular spring, one end of which is sealed into the holder, and the other end is connected through a rod to a tube-sector mechanism that converts the linear movement of the elastic sensitive element into a circular movement of the indicating arrow. The pressure gauges are manufactured in a case with a diameter of 60 mm with a radial union (connection from the bottom) and have a standard accuracy class of 2.5.
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