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Заказать и купить изделие «Мановакуумметр МВП3-У» от производителя в Спб, Москве.

  • Manovacuum meter MVP3-U

Manovacuum meter MVP3-U

Manovacuum meter MVP3-U. Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and pressure gauges showing MP3-U, VP3-U and MVP3-U are designed to measure the excess and vacuum pressure of non-aggressive liquids, non-crystallizing in relation to copper alloys, liquids, steam and gas, including oxygen, acetylene, freons 12, 13, 22, 142 and 502 (freons) with temperatures up to 150 ° C. The devices are manufactured in accordance with TU 25-02.180335-84. Instruments can be supplied with a technological line on the scale. Manovacuum meter MVP3-U technical characteristics Materials of parts: body: steel, aluminum alloy glass: technical window tube spring: copper alloy, iron-nickel alloy holder: copper alloy mechanism: bronze, stainless steel Diameter 100 mm. Accuracy class of manovacuum meter MVP3-U: 1.5. Protection degree: IP40. The devices withstand the effects of vibration: in the frequency range from 5 to 25 Hz with an amplitude of up to 0.1 mm (group L3 according to GOST 12997-84). Climatic modification: U2 (operating temperature range -50 to +60 ° С). Weight no more than 0.7 kg. Average service life is 10 years. To buy a MVP3-U manovacuum meter, you must specify: - the type of device; - climatic modification and category of placement in accordance with GOST 15150; - the upper value of the range of indications (at the request of consumers, the presence of a limit mark is discussed: for example, 4/3); - units of measurement of the upper value of the range of indications (MPa, kgf / cm², etc.); - accuracy class;
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