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  • Pressure gauge NMP-100

Pressure gauge NMP-100

The NMP-100 pressure gauge is designed to measure vacuum, excess, and the difference between vacuum and excess pressures of air and non-aggressive gases. The principle of operation of the pressure gauge is based on balancing the measured pressure by elastic deformation forces of the sensitive element (membrane box). Also, NMP-100 is used to measure and read on a scale of the difference between two pressures of raw air, for work in the environment, non-aggressive towards steel, aluminum and copper alloys; - to measure the difference between vacuum and excess pressures of air and gases, as well as a medium containing low concentrations of antimony hydrogen vapor, battery sulfuric acid and TG-1 fuel, when these means are exposed to the cavity of the membrane box. Pressure gauge NMP-100 technical characteristics Accuracy class: 2.5 The maximum permissible operating pressure should not exceed the indication range. Calibration interval - 1 year. Climatic versions: U3 - but for operation at temperatures from -50 to +60 ° С and relative humidity up to 98% at 35 ° С. T3 - but for operation at temperatures from - 25 to + 55 ° С and relative humidity up to 100% at 35 ° С. The NMP-100 pressure gauge with an accuracy class of 1.5 is manufactured in technically justified cases. Weight, no more than 0.5 kg.
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