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  • Pressure receiver PD-1
  • Pressure receiver PD-1
  • Pressure receiver PD-1

Pressure receiver PD-1

Pressure indicators ID1 are designed for remote control of overpressure of liquids in fuel supply, lubrication and cooling systems of internal combustion engines, and can also be used in other systems where remote control of overpressure of non-aggressive liquids and gases is required. Pressure indicators consist of a PD-1 pressure receiver and a UD-800/1 or UDM pressure indicator. Separate delivery of pressure receivers and pressure indicators is allowed. Indicators for pressure up to 1.5 MPa inclusive can be equipped with flexible hoses. The length of the hose is selected from the range of 550, 650, 700 and 800 mm and is specified when ordering. On customer's request, hoses can be supplied separately. Indicators are intended for operation at: * ambient temperatures: - from -60 to +75 ° С - for receivers. - from -60 to +60 ° С - for pointers. * relative humidity up to 95% at 35 ° С. Technical characteristics: Limit of the basic permissible error of the pressure indicator,%, not more: - with complete delivery (pressure receiver with pressure indicator): ± 4 (in the working range); ± 6 (in the rest of the range); - when completing at the consumer from pressure transducers and pressure indicators obtained separately: ± 6. DC supply voltage, V Power consumption by pressure indicator, no more: 4.5 W. Length of the connecting cable between the pressure receiver and the pressure indicator along the route, no more: 60 m Weight, no more: 0.8 kg. Overall dimensions of pressure gauge UDM, UD-800/1: 60x115 mm Overall dimensions of pressure receiver PD-1: 58x80x120 mm
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