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  • Relay RUM-1

Relay RUM-1

RUM-1 oil level switch is designed to control the upper or lower oil level and is used in automatic control circuits of diesel-electric units, and can also be used in stationary conditions. The relay, configured to operate when the level rises, has the image of an arrow pointing upward on the proprietary front panel strip; relay configured to operate when the level drops, - the image of the arrow pointing downwards RUM-1 operating conditions: ambient temperature from minus 50 to 55 ° С; relative humidity of the ambient air up to 98% at a temperature of 40 ° С; atmospheric pressure from 61 to 106 kPa (from 462 to 800 mm Hg; exposure to sea fog; exposure to magnetic fields: constant up to 400 A / m variable (frequency 50 and 400 Hz) up to 80 A / m; vibration RUM-1 with a frequency of 3 to 80 Hz with a maximum acceleration of 15 m / s2; shaking with a frequency of 80 to 120 beats per minute with a maximum acceleration of 40 m / s2; periodic rolls up to 45 ° with a period of 5 to 17 seconds and long slopes up to 35 °, refer to the block relay at a constant level with respect to the geometric axis of the sensor; maximum temperature of the monitored medium 135 ° C; maximum pressure of the monitored medium 1.5 MPa (15 kgf / cm2). Heating of the block-relay level RUM-1, installed on a diesel engine, should not exceed 55 ° C. The block relay must be installed on shock absorbers that damp vibration and shaking. The operating position of the block relay is any, the sensor is horizontal, the geometric axis is parallel to the level, the letter "B" is up. oil level RUM-1 reliably works after: being at an ambient temperature from minus 60 to 65 ° С; shaking with a maximum acceleration of 100 m / s2 at a frequency of 80 to 120 beats per minute; vibrations in the frequency range, from 3 to 80 Hz. Note. The block relay is supplied connected to a non-contact output.
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