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  • Wattmeter I 1604

Wattmeter I 1604

The I1604 wattmeter is used to measure the active power in a three-phase current circuit with a frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz with an uneven phase load. Wattmeters belong to impact-resistant panel devices. Components: a direct current indicating device and an additional device with an electronic converter of active power into direct current Wattmeter I1604 of an induction system in a splash-proof housing, designed to measure active power in three-phase networks with a frequency of 50, 60 or 400 Hz with an uneven load. Scale length - 185 mm; scale angle - 230 °. Calming time of the moving part - no more than 3s. Nominal power factor cosφ = 1 measurement range 0-150kW, nominal voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz Switching on the I1604 wattmeter in parallel circuits: - direct with nominal voltage 127V and 220V; - with a rated voltage of 380V - directly or through a voltage transformer 380V / 127V (only for a frequency of 50Hz); Turning on the I1604 wattmeter device in series circuits - through current transformers with a secondary winding of 5A or 1A and through current transformers with a secondary winding of 5A. The change in the instrument readings caused by the frequency deviation from the nominal by ± 10% does not exceed 0.8 of the permissible basic error; - if the voltage deviates from the nominal by ± 20%, it does not exceed the permissible basic error; - if the ambient temperature deviates from normal for every 10K - does not exceed ± 1.2%; - under the influence of an external magnetic field with a strength of 400A / m - does not exceed 0.4 of the permissible basic error. Dimensions - 120x120x195mm. Air temperature from -40 deg. up to 50 deg. Relative humidity up to 100% at 50 degrees C Weight of the device 2.7 kg
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