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  • Wattmeter Ц1428.1

Wattmeter Ц1428.1

Ts1428.1 wattmeter vibration-resistant and shock-resistant device is used to measure active power in a three-phase current network with a frequency of 50Hz and 400Hz of a ship power plant.

Ts1428.1 wattmeter is supplied complete with an additional device P1818.1 or P1818 .1 / 1. The warranty period is 18 months. Instruments can be manufactured with a zero mark within the range. Wattmeters are designed to measure active power in networks with uneven phase load. ambient temperature from -10 ° С to + 50 ° С; Relative humidity up to 98% at 35oC; Nominal active power factor cos [phi; & mdash; 1.0; Rated reactive power factor sin [phi; & mdash; 1.0; Rated frequency & mdash; 50Hz and 400Hz & mdash; The own consumption of each parallel circuit of wattmeters at rated current and rated frequency does not exceed 5V ∙ A; & mdash; The limit of the permissible basic error is ± 2.5% of the scale length; & mdash; The limit of additional permissible error Ts1428.1 caused by: & mdash; a change in the ambient temperature from normal 20 ° C ± 5 ° C to any temperature in the range from -10 ° C to + 50 ° C for every 10 ° C temperature change, equal to ± 1.25%; & mdash; a change in the supply voltage by ± 20% of the nominal is ± 2.5%; & mdash; a change in the operating position (tilt) of the Ts1428.1 device from the normal in any direction by 45 °, equal to ± 1%; & mdash; The main and additional errors are normalized without taking into account the errors of the measuring current and voltage transformers and are expressed as a percentage of the final value of the measurement range, and for wattmeters and varmeters with a two-sided scale - & mdash; from the sum of the modules of the final values ​​of the measurement range; & mdash; Isolation test voltage between the measuring circuit and the case of the indicating device of the wattmeter and the electrical circuit of the additional device and its case - & mdash; 1.5kV; & mdash; Insulation resistance of electrical circuits of the indicating device relative to the body and the additional device and its body & mdash; 20 MOhm; & mdash; The time to establish the readings of the indicating device does not exceed 3 s; & mdash; The length of the scale of the Ts1428.1 device is 110mm ± 5mm; & mdash; Overall dimensions of the indicating device & mdash; 80x80x126mm; & mdash; Overall dimensions of additional devices & mdash; 160x170x144mm; & mdash; The mass of the indicating device & mdash; no more than 1kg; & mdash; Weight of additional devices no more than 3kg

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