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  • Voltammeter VA-240

Voltammeter VA-240

Voltammeters VA 240 are used to measure the magnitude of the current and voltage in the DC circuit and are vibration-resistant devices of the DC magnetoelectric system. The principle of operation of the devices is based on the interaction of the magnetic field of a permanent magnet and the current flowing through the winding of the frame located in the gap between the poles of the magnet and the core. As a result of this interaction, a rotating moment arises, deflecting the frame and the arrow attached to it. The amount of torque is proportional to the current flowing through the winding. The measuring mechanism of the device is placed in a metal case and mounted on a plastic base. On the front side of the case there is a corrector box, by turning which the arrow is set to the zero mark of the scale when the current or voltage is off. Voltammeters VA 240 meet the requirements of TU 25-04-023-78E. In addition, the front side of the device has a switch button for switching the device from measuring the current value to measuring voltage. Maximum permissible basic reduced error of devices,%, no more than ± 2. The limit of the basic reduced error when working with a voltmeter, V, not more than: VA-540 voltammeters ± 0.72, other voltammeters ± 0.8 (excluding the shunts error). The limit of the additional permissible error of devices caused by a change in position (inclination) of them from their normal position in any direction by 45 °,%, no more than ± 1.3. The limit of the additional permissible error caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature from (20 ± 5) ° С (or from the indicated on the device) to (minus 50 - 50 ° С) for every 10 ° С temperature change,%, no more: ± 0, 7 for the voltmeter circuit of voltammeters; ± 1.5 for the ammeter circuit of voltammeters. Time to establish indications, s, no more than 3. Mass of the device, kg, no more than 0.4. Overall dimensions (length x diameter), mm, no more: 93.5 × 60. Warranty operating time of VA 240 voltammeter: for special transport vehicles 500 hours for 10 years; for the rest of the objects, 500 operating hours within 5 years. Operating conditions of operation: ambient temperature, ° С from minus 50 to 50; relative humidity 30-80%; continuous vibration with acceleration (0.2 ± 0.1) -g.
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