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  • Voltmeter M 180

Voltmeter M 180

The M180 voltmeter is used to measure the AC mains voltage of ship power plants. Devices of this type can be manufactured with a zero in the middle; Calming time of the moving part - no more than 3 s; The working position of the M180 voltmeter is vertical; Scale length - 180mm; Scale angle - 230º; Voltmeter M180 technical characteristics Change in the readings of the voltmeter M180 caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature from normal (within operating temperatures) for every 10K, does not exceed ± 0.8% - for ammeters and ± 0.5% - for voltmeters; for ammeters with zero on the left, calibrated with connecting wires, the resistance of which differs from 0.035 Ohm, - is ± 1.5%; under the influence of an external magnetic field with a strength of 400A / m and with a deviation of the device by 45º from the vertical position - does not exceed ± 1% of the measurement range; Hermetically sealed instrument case Dimensions of the M180 voltmeter - 144x226x136mm; Weight - 3.6kg; Ambient air temperature - from 1 ° C to 50 ° C. Relative humidity - up to 90% at 25 ° C. Climatic version - normal and tropical. Placement category - 3 Shock resistance of the M180 voltmeter - up to 150m / s2; MTBF - at least 34500 hours; Service life - at least 15 years; Accuracy class 1.5 Limit of permissible basic error,% ± 1.5 Scale length, mm 180 Measurement range, V 0..250 Rated frequency, Hz 50; 400 Calming time of the moving part, no more, s 3 Test voltage of electrical circuits insulation relative to the case, kV 2 Overall dimensions of the M180 voltmeter no more, mm 142x226x136 Weight no more, kg 3.6 Operating temperature range, ° С + 1 ... + 50 Maximum allowable relative humidity,% 95 Average service life 20 years Warranty period 2 years
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