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  • AUTOMATIC AC25-311 380V 12.5A 13IH
  • AUTOMATIC AC25-311 380V 12.5A 13IH

AUTOMATIC AC25-311 380V 12.5A 13IH

AS-25-311 three-pole automatic switches for ships. They are used on ships of the sea and river fleet for reusable protection of electrical installations against overloads and short circuits. The circuit breakers are equipped with thermal inertial releases and electromagnetic instantaneous releases. Electromagnetic release - triggers instantly (in accordance with the time-current characteristic of the switch) in cases of short circuits and other modes accompanied by the occurrence of extra-currents. Thermal releases are triggered when the current is slightly exceeded over the rated current, but lasting for a long time. This leads to overheating of the bimetallic plates of the thermal release, their bending and opening as a result of the contacts of the circuit breaker and disconnection of the load. AC-25-311 technical characteristics Number of poles - 3 poles Type of current - alternating Frequency - 50Hz Rated voltage of the AC-25-311 circuit breaker - 380V Limit switching capacity of the circuit breaker - 3200A Degree of protection of the terminal clamps - IP 00 Degree of protection of the machine body - IP 20 Temperature environment - from minus 30 to 60 ° С. Relative air humidity 93% at 40 ° С and up to 100% at 35 ° С. Vibration of attachment points at a frequency of 8 to 30 Hz with an acceleration of 0.5g. Roll to 22.5 ° from vertical, roll period 5-15 s, continuous trim 10 ° and roll up to 22.5 °. The environment is non-explosive, containing no dust (including conductive) in an amount that disrupts the operation of AC-25-311 switches, as well as aggressive gases and vapors in concentrations that destroy metals and insulation. The switches work for a long time and reliably in the presence of oil vapors, as well as in case of occasional exposure to sea fog. AC-25-311 switches are manufactured in a plastic case according to the degree of protection against environmental influences and from contact with live parts - IР20, with clamps for connecting external conductors according to the degree of protection - IР00 АС-25-311 structure of the symbol АС25-ХХХ-00 ОМ5: AK (AC) - circuit breaker symbol; 25 - serial number of development; X is the number of poles (2, 3); X - type of release (1 - with electromagnetic release and hydraulic retarder; 2 - with electromagnetic release for circuit breakers with a frequency of 400 Hz); X - type of current and frequency (1 - alternating current 50 Hz; 2 - direct current; 3 - alternating current 400 Hz); 00 - the degree of protection of the circuit breaker from environmental influences and from contact with live parts in accordance with GOST 14255-69 (IР20 - switch case, IР00 - clamps for connecting external conductors); ОМ5 - climatic modification and placement category according to GOST 15150-69.
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