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  • Automatic circuit breaker AZRGK-30
  • Automatic circuit breaker AZRGK-30

Automatic circuit breaker AZRGK-30

AZRGK-30 Automatic circuit breaker AZRGK-30 is designed to protect the electrical network of aircraft electrical systems from dangerous overload currents and short circuits when installed in cockpits with red lighting. Simultaneously with the network protection, the circuit breaker is a single-pole switch. Automatic circuit breakers AZRGK - made with free tripping, i.e. the machine is triggered by current overloads, regardless of whether the handle is held in the "On" position or not. The AZRGK machines differ from the AZRG machines - the longer handle length and the absence of a luminous eye at the end of the handle. Automatic circuit breakers AZRGK have a free release mechanism, which does not allow keeping contacts closed until the bimetallic plate has cooled to a certain temperature. The structure of the symbol: AZRGK-30 - AZR - circuit breaker with free tripping; - Г - Availability of a sealed case; - K - Modification of the circuit breaker: Without index "K" - circuit breaker for operation under normal conditions; with the index "K" are installed in cabins with red lighting and are distinguished by an elongated handle and the absence of a luminous eye on it. - 30 - value of rated current, A.
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