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  • Automatic circuit breaker А-3124 100А
  • Automatic circuit breaker А-3124 100А

Automatic circuit breaker А-3124 100А

Automatic circuit breakers of the A-3124 100A series are designed for maximum current protection of electrical installations during overloads and short circuits in circuits with a rated voltage of 380 V AC with a frequency of 50-60 Hz, for infrequent (up to three starts per hour) operational switching of these circuits, as well as - also to protect electrical circuits when the voltage drops to an unacceptable value. The advantage of A3124 circuit breakers over other protection means is that in case of short circuit or overloads, all poles are disconnected simultaneously. And this is not insignificant when operating three-phase motors, which under load, with a loss of current in one phase, can fail. Another advantage of the A3124 circuit breaker is its quick turn-on after an emergency trip. In those places where the fuse has blown, it must be replaced with a new one, which reduces the speed of switching on the circuit and does not bring good indicators of time savings. It is worth noting that A3124 circuit breakers have not been produced since the 80s of the twentieth century, and their production has resumed only today. The main reason for the development of circuit breakers is the inconvenience of using switches and fuses, which, when overloads in the electrical circuit on one phase, disconnected only one phase, and the A-3124 circuit breaker disconnects three phases at once. These circuit breakers are widely used in industry, and the fame of their advantages over circuit breakers and fuses with fusible elements continues today. Service life 25 years Net weight: 4.06kg Gross weight: 4.125kg
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