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Автоматический выключатель А-3716 160А

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  • Circuit breaker А-3716 160А
  • Circuit breaker А-3716 160А
  • Circuit breaker А-3716 160А
  • Circuit breaker А-3716 160А

Circuit breaker А-3716 160А

Three-pole automatic circuit breaker A-3716 160A for a rated operating current of 160 A with a thermal setting for operating current 160 A. Automatic switches of the A-3716 160A series are mechanical switching devices capable of switching on, conducting and disconnecting currents in the normal state of the circuit, as well as turning on , hold for a specified time and automatically disconnect currents in a specified abnormal circuit condition, such as short-circuit currents. The RCT setting is equal to 1.15 of the rated current of the release and is not adjustable under operating conditions. The circuit breakers in the overload zone operate with an inverse time-dependent time delay, and in the short-circuit zone without time delay. A-3716 circuit breakers are designed for operation in areas with a temperate climate in the following conditions: - altitude above sea level - no more than 1000m, operation at altitudes up to 2000m is allowed, while the load must be reduced by 10%; - the environment is non-explosive, not containing gases, liquid and dust in concentrations that disrupt the operation of the switches; - the installation site of the switch - protected from water, oil, emulsion; - lack of direct exposure to solar and radioactive radiation; - absence of sharp jolts, impacts and strong shaking; - vibration of the circuit breaker attachment points with a frequency of up to 35 Hz with an acceleration of no more than 0.5 g.
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