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  • Contactor kmi 22511

Contactor kmi 22511

The KMI-22511 contactor is a small-sized, non-reversible contactor without a thermal relay for a rated current of 25 A designed to turn on and off asynchronous three-phase electric motors, electric furnaces, transformers and any other electrical equipment, both three-phase and single-phase. It can also be equipped with additional automatic circuit breakers to protect the load from short circuits and associated extra currents. The KMI-22511 contactor is designed to turn on and off three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motors, pumps, transformers, furnaces, lighting systems and various actuators. The contactor can be controlled by signals from the buttons on the control panel, as well as by signals from automatic control systems, thermostats, dimmers, pressure, humidity, smoke and others. Contactor KMI-22511 technical characteristics Open version contactor without housing Rated current 25A Coil voltage KMI-22511 -220 V Additional contacts-1 normally closed contact Contactor not equipped with thermal relay No reverse
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