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  • Contactor kmi 22560

Contactor kmi 22560

Contactor KMI-22560 for rated current 25A in plastic sheath 220V, 380V IEK. Small-sized AC contactors of general industrial application KMI for load current from 9 to 95A are designed to start asynchronous electric motors with squirrel-cage rotor for voltages up to 660V and to control any three-phase and single-phase loads of appropriate power. All versions for load current up to 40A have one group of make or break additional contacts. Executions for load current over 40A & mdash; two groups (closing and opening). Contactors allow remote control of lighting circuits, switching three-phase capacitor banks and primary windings of three-phase low-voltage transformers. Contactors KMI 22560 are electromagnetic alternating current devices, the magnetic systems of which are divided into two parts: fixed, elastically fixed in the plastic base, and movable with contacts for switching the power circuit. The operation of the contactor is controlled by means of a multi-turn coil located on the middle rod of the fixed part of the W-shaped magnetic system. Contactors KMI 22560 principle of operation Principle of operation: under the influence of the electromagnetic field of the pick-up coil, which occurs when current flows through it, the magnetic system closes and the counteraction of the return spring and the springs of the contact bridges is overcome. To prevent detonation, massive short-circuited aluminum rings are provided, pressed into the pole pieces of the stationary part of the magnetic system. Advantages: Widest range of applications. The operating temperature range of the KMI 22560 contactor is from -40 °; up to + 50 ° C. Notches on the connecting clamps, excluding overheating and melting of the wires due to reliable fixation at the connection points. The solenoid pick-up coil can be quickly and conveniently replaced in case of failure. Versions for ten rated currents. The service life of the contactor is at least 15 years, subject to all operating conditions, both technological and climatic.

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