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  • Contactor kmi 23210

Contactor kmi 23210

The contactor kmi 23210 is designed for starting and stopping three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor, control of fans, pumps, heat guns, furnaces, cranes, machine tools, lighting systems. Installed both on a DIN rail and with screws. To reduce the force of blows in the magnetic circuit when the contactor is triggered, special short-circuited aluminum rings are pressed into the pole pieces of the stationary part of the magnetic system. Contactor kmi 23210 technical characteristics Rated current 32 А Rated operating voltage of alternating current, Ue, V: 230, 400, 660 Rated operational current Iе, utilization category АС-3 (Ue <= 400 V), А: 32 Conventional thermal current Ith ( tgr <= 40gr), application category АС-1, А: 50 Rated power of the contactor kmi 23210 according to АС-3, kW: 230 V - 7.5 400 V - 15 660 V - 18.5 Maximum short-term load (t <= 1c), A: 576 Conditional short-circuit current, Inc, A: 3000 Overcurrent protection - gG fuse, A: 50 Rated voltage of control coils, V: 230 Number and type of contacts: 1c
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