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  • Contactor kmi 23260

Contactor kmi 23260

Kmi 23260 contactor in a plastic case, equipped with Start and Stop buttons for quick switching on and off of the contactor. Serves for starting and stopping three-phase asynchronous electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor, controlling fans, pumps, heat guns, furnaces, crane beams, machine tools, lighting systems. can also be controlled by signals from external automatic control and regulation systems. To reduce the force of blows in the magnetic circuit when the contactor is triggered, special short-circuited aluminum rings are pressed into the pole pieces of the stationary part of the magnetic system. Contactor kmi 23260 technical characteristics Rated current 32 A Protection class IP 54 The presence of a thermal relay is present. Rated operating voltage of alternating current, Ue, V: 230, 400, 660 Rated operating current Iе, utilization category АС-3 (Ue <= 400 V), А: 32 Conventional thermal current Ith (tgr <= 40gr), utilization category АС -1, A: 50 Rated power of the contactor kmi 23210 according to AC-3, kW: 230 V - 7.5 400 V - 15 660 V - 18.5 Maximum short-term load (t <= 1 s), A: 576 Conventional short-term current short circuits, Inc, A: 3000 Overcurrent protection - gG fuse, A: 50 Rated voltage of control coils, V: 230 Number and type of contacts: 1c
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