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  • Contactor KT-6033

Contactor KT-6033

The three-pole electromagnetic contactor KT 6033 is used in networks with an alternating current voltage up to 380 V with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz. Serves for operating with receivers of electric current (three-phase electric motors), and is also included in the equipment for switching power supply to reserve. The contactor is cooled in a normal air environment. Not used for protection against short circuits and overload currents, but withstands the specified currents. Contactors KT-6033 is an air-cooled switching device. These contactors control the switching on and off of asynchronous three-phase electric motors, transformers, electric furnaces and other powerful electric three-phase loads. There are KT-6033 contactors with a different number of poles: 2, 3, and 4-pole. The contactor circuit contains an auxiliary contact block for controlling the auxiliary mains. KT-6033 is designed for a rated current of 250A. There are modifications of the KT-6033 contactors with a latch, which allows you to keep the circuit of the main contacts closed even in the absence of power in the coil. Contactor KT 6033-operating conditions The number of contact groups - 3. The control coil keeps the main contacts in the closed position in the range from 85 to 110% of the rated voltage. Opening of the contacts of KT 6033 occurs when the voltage drops from 0.2 to 0.75 Un. Mechanical resistance to wear is equal to 2 million VO cycles (enable / disable). The switching resistance to wear is equal to 0.2 million VO cycles. The operating altitude of the electromagnetic apparatus above sea level should not exceed 1000 m. Mechanical design group M1 (resistance to vibrations, single and multiple shocks). The degree of protection of KT 6033 from the environment and contact with conductive elements is absent - IP 00 Allows operation in continuous, intermittent long-term, intermittent and short-term mode. It is installed on a vertical surface, with a deviation from and in the plane at an angle of no more than 5. The installation site must be protected from direct water ingress. The air must not contain explosive and conductive dust. Operated in temperate climates at temperatures from -40 to + 45˚С.
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